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Benefits of Flange Leak Detection











  • Improved safety

  • Faster location of flange leak (s)

  • Less unit down time

  • Improved efficiency and performance

  • Annual Inspections - you can identify small leaks before they turn into major leaks.

  • Re-usable design


It goes without saying that it is dangerous to enter the Gas Turbine compartment while the unit is operating due to leaks and the Cardox system.  If a major leak occurs within the fuel/air gas turbine piping, without my product to indicate the exact flange leak location, it could take as much as 24 clock hours to check each gas flange for possible leakage i.e., looking for cuts in the gaskets and checking bolt tightness (a typical 7FA has 149 fuel flange assemblies not counting the gas module).

This product can improve unit availability. Imagine the cost savings and improved safety for your employees and limiting the loss of power generation revenue which could amount to as much as $25,000 per hour!

Even if you find one flange leak, there is no guarantee that you’ve found all of them. With GTSP’s Flange Leak Detection System - You can be sure!

  • Uses your existing thermocouples

  • Designed for thermal expansion of thermowell keeping the thermocouple solidly attached to the seating surface through start-up and full operation

  • Installation is consistent with use of a strain relief nut

  • Thermocouple floats within the thermowell keeping stresses off the thermocouple casing allowing for maximum life out of the thermocouple

  • Strain relief nut provides support at electrical cable connection

  • Increase availability and reliability of your turbine


The gas turbine is required to be shut down to replace a thermocouple. The cost of replacing the thermocouple in an hour is approximately: $17,500 – lost power generation revenue and $10,000 – combustion turbine fuel startup = $27,500.


Background: Did you know exhaust thermocouple failure is the number one cause of trips by five to one over any other trip? This includes the entire balance of plant and bleed heat valves.

Benefits of Open Air Exhaust Thermowell

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TC Well Assembly BOM 01-2021- A3 - Sheet
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