Benefits of the Flange Leak Detection System

  • Improved safety

  • Faster location of leak (s)

  • Less unit down time

  • Improved efficiency and performance

  • Re-usable design

  • Supplements existing leak detection systems that monitor emissions or ultrasonic signals within a turbine compartment

Benefits of the Open Air Exhaust Thermowell 

  • Uses your existing thermocouples

  • Designed for thermal expansion of thermowell keeping thermocouple solidly attached to the seating surface

  • Thermocouple locks at bottom of the thermowell essentially making it 1” long

  • Installation of thermocouple is consistent with use of torqueing nut

  • Thermocouple floats within the thermowell keeping stresses off the thermocouple casing allowing for maximum life

  • Strain relief bracket provides support at electrical cable connection

  • Increase availability and reliability along with fewer turbine trips which increases turbine run time

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