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Mission Statement


Gas Turbine Specialty Parts LLC (GTSP) was formed in 2015 with the goal to provide products that were new and cutting edge.


Gas Turbine Specialty Parts LLC (Patent) Leak Detection

System achieves a high level of safety and provides an exact

location anywhere there is a potential leak. Our system

allows your employees to identify and locate leak, improves

safety, increased availability and reliability and less unit

down time.



General Electric Power and Water (GE) has taken a

proactive stance regarding safety and has issued safety

alerts that prohibit its employees and its contractors 

from entering an operating turbine compartment to

look for leaks or to perform repairs.  GTSP's System is easily installed over and completely surrounds the

flange assembly.  Each unit contains an external part that acts as a flag to indicate where there is a pressure

release of gas or air.  


Without question, it is better to find and fix small leaks before they turn into major leaks.  Because fuel leaks are a definite safety concern, my System is the solution.

A test stand was built and attached was a pressure gauge (0-30 psi), a SCFM meter (.5 - 6.5 scfm) and a pressure switch set at 2 psi all connected via piping to a bolted pair of 300 lb. 1" flanges.  A 1" Flange Leak Detection System was installed around the bolted flanges.  Note that the flexitallic gasket in the flange assembly had been altered.  Upon introducing compressed air into the piping connection, a red light on the pressure switch lit at a pre-set 5 psi, and as more air was introduced, the pressure gauge shows 6 psi, and the SCFM meter shows between 2 and 3 scfm.  At this point the air pushed the flag cap off of the flag body indicating a leak.  The system will detect any leak of hydro-carbon or inert gases. 



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